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Relocated to Facebook!

BY: miked

Greetings intrepid quiz heads! Now I know this may be difficult to hear. So sit tight, and take a deep breath! The official "home" of The miked Pub Quiz has moved over to Facebook. That's where I'm posting scores, photos, wrap-ups and the Secret Question! So you'll have to head over there to find that stuff. Don't get upset or angry, okay? This is just the way things have to be. It doesn't mean I don't like you any more, it just means that I think we should see other websites. It's not you, it's me.



Wake Me Up, When September....

BY: miked

Greetings Earthlings! All I can say is, hold on to your pants at this coming pub quiz. It will literally be a pants-stealing, rambunctious raucous good time! I just got word of a couple sponsors of the quiz. I can't drop the names just yet, but it should be all sussed out by Wednesday. Just in time for you to angrily throw your cod fillets at me while changing some sort of Nordic insults I will never understand. At any rate, I hope to see all you maniacs there! Especially Team 11. I miss them. And Makin' Bacon. I miss them too. And Stevie Wonder Twin Powers. Those folks are nice. And the Leper Colony. No, actually, not them. They are mean, sleeveless and beardy. Ugh!


Long-Jump for Joy at the August Pub Quiz

BY: miked

Happy Summertime Olympics my fellow quizzers! I just wanted to drop a promissory note to all The miked Pub Quiz™ fans out there! I hereby solemnly swear to not have any questions about the Olympics. Not even a tie-breaker question! But if the International Olympic Committee managed to see the light and bring back real sports from prior Summer Olympics, like Tug-o-War or Croquet, then I might seriously consider it. Until then, they can have their water dancing and horse kicking, or whatever the hell they call those things with the long poles and the bars and the nets.

Anywho...I hope yo see everyone at the quiz! This one will be delicious!


August Quizzy on the 1st

BY: miked

Welcome to the middle of summer you quiz-heads! Just dropping a note to remind you that the next pub quiz is only a couple weeks away! That's right, slap-bang on August 1st! I'm going to try out a couple new rounds, and maybe even let Kilbane & Patton take a swipe at the pinata! That'll be awesome! Anywho..by all means, keep your angry viewer mail coming in. It always brightens my morning!


July 2012 Quiz Moved AGAIN!

BY: miked

You read that correctly little quizzers! The July Pub Quiz has been moved even FURTHER into July! The July Pub Quiz will be Wednesday, July 18th! That means there will be two (2) (TOO) quizzes within three weeks! Aren't you a lucky ducky! And, you have my word, they will be GREAT Pub Quizzes! I'm taking some wonderful suggestions and links that have been emailed to me (and by all means, keep em' coming!) and I'm incorporating them into the quizzes.

Any ideas that you ever have, no matter how ridiculous or insane, I always welcome viewer mail! So don't hold back.

Anywho...two quick things: 1. Have a WONDERFUL July 4th! Be safe, and light off some fireworks! 2. I'll see you at the Wednesday, July 18th Pub Quiz!


July 2012 Quiz Moved

BY: miked

Greetings my delicious fellow quiz fanatics! Hopefully you are enjoying the junk out of this wonderful spring/summer/winter we've been having. If not, I highly recommend not being a Debbie Downer and getting outside to suck in some of that tropical Cleveland air. Anywho...enough niceties. Let's get down to brass tax. Whatever the hell that is.

This just in from our news desk: The July 2012 miked Pub Quiz date has been moved! Call your neighbors, call your friends, call your local officials! The first Wednesday of July happens to be our nation's anniversary of independence. Therefore, in order to not compete with airborn explosives, I've decided to move the quiz to the next Wednesday after, which happens to be July 11th. This is, coincidentally, also National Blueberry Muffin day. HOW EXCITING!

Anywho, that's the scoop. July Pub Quiz is July 11th!


Springtime Viewer Mail Bag

BY: miked

Greetings quizzers! I just wanted to drop a line to share some viewer mail with you! The following letter comes to us from "Timothy NoneOfYerF**ingBusiness" which I thought was a great email address. Until I read the letter. It read:

"Dear A$$hat miked,

Why did you move the time that the quiz starts? Are you really just stoopid in the face? My lady-friend and I work on the east side, and we always have to speed to try to get there in time. It sucks. You sucks. I hate that we always come in 5th place. Is there something you can do to help us out?"

Well thanks for your letter "Timothy NOYFB"! It's always so great to hear from fans! I'm glad to hear you and your lady-friend enjoy the quiz! To answer your question, yes. There is something. I recommend purchasing a high-end vehicle and a top-of-the-line radar detector. That's the only way you stand a chance of getting to the quiz in time. Moreover, if you don't stop smearing my car windows with whipped cream and Barbarsol, I'm going to tell your mom that you have a really rude email address. Then who will lose out? Yep, that's right! The people along M.L.K. Jr. Blvd as you speed through the cultural gardens at 97mph.

Our next letter comes to use from "Cynthia S.":


I moved away over two years ago! Please stop sending me this junk!"

Hey Cynthia! Thanks for your email! I managed to accidentally forward all my email fax traffic to your email address by accident! I was on wikipedia.com and must have mistakenly hit "Print to Email File" and put in your email address! I'm sooooooo sorry! Once it finishes with Z notation (the last article on wikipedia) I'll be sure to remove you from future printings and emails!

In the mean time boys and/or girls, keep those wonderful emails coming! This month's pubquiz will feature a video that was sent to me by a viewer! How exciting!


And The Winnder Is...

BY: miked

The votes have been tallied. So hold on to your hats, for the foreseeable future, The miked Pub Quiz will now start at 7:00pm. Hopefully that is preferable to the vast majority of you wonderful quizzers! For those that were really hoping and voting for the 4:30am option, I do apologize. I will, however, hold a private 4:30am Pub Quiz, at my house, once the miniature BabyD is born. This will mostly involve a screaming baby, and questions like "Why in the hell is this baby screaming!?"

Anywho...study up for the next pub quiz folks! We may have some pretty interesting questions about Hollywood Novelists, Classic Pranks and even, perhaps, some sports questions miked-style for all you sports nuts out there. GO CLEMSON? Who knows. Anywho...catch ya' later...at 7:00pm on Wednesday!


What Be For the Starts Time?

BY: miked

Okay, okay, okay! Everyone keeps asking for this, so here it is. Let me know your thoughts on when YOU (not your friend) would prefer to start The miked Pub Quiz. Enjoy!



August Quiz Wrap-Up!

BY: miked

Greetings quizzy fans! Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank everyone for coming out to The miked Pub Quiz in August! Aside from some great winners, and greater losers (KILBANE & PATTON!) we hopefully had boatloads of fun. Likewise, we saw a record-setting crowd of active quiz enthusiasts! Over 100 people signed up to play the quiz! So thanks to everyone for coming out, enjoying themselves (hopefully) and spreading the mid-summer cheer. And for throwing stuff at me. Which was rude. But most-likely deserved. Anywho...check out the photos, and keep an eye out for next month's Secret Question which will be posted within a week!